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High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel

High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel

High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel

High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel

High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel

The High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel is one of the latest innovations from High Country Plastics. They are makers of ultra high quality equine equipment and have now turned their focus to the dog market. This dog crate offers not only a solid construction but other key necessities for the person that travels with their dog. The K9 Dog Kennel offers a lockable kennel door and storage area to keep your gear and dog safe and secure. The kennel area of the dog crate is perfectly vented to keep your dog with the right amount of air and the floor of the crate is a molded 10 gallon water tank. During the warmer months the water tanks offer a significant cooling factor to keep dogs cool while in the kennel. The built in water tank is easily filled via a oversized fill cap and the water is dispensed via a standard 3/4" garden hose valve. This built in water tank even acts as an air pocket during the cooler months which keeps your dog away from the cold floor with a layer of air between the dog and the floor.

The High Country Plastics K9 Deluxe Dog Kennel is 100% FDA approved UV protected plastic. The all aluminum sides are constructed for a lifetime of use and the vents are constructed of triple sided stamped louvers. The dog crate design allows your dog to see out but others cannot see in through the side vents.

The locking storage compartment is a moisture resistant rubber seal to help keep your gear or dog training supplies clean and dry. The 4 inch deep trays allow the storage of your e-collar, bumpers, hunting loads or gear. The lockable latches mean it is secure. The outside of the dog box has tie downs to lock it into place of your vehicle blind.

  • Solid built construction
  • UV protected plastic
  • Aluminum sides
  • Triple stamped louvers
  • Slam latch lockable kennel door
  • Lockable Storage area
  • Storage area is 4" deep with compartments
  • 10 Gallon build in water tank
  • Oversized filling spout
  • 3/4" Garden hose attachment
  • FDA Grade plastic for fresh drinking water
  • Water tank keeps dogs cooler in the warm months
  • Empty water tank acts like an air bladder to keep the dog warmer in cooler months


  • Outside Dimension: 34.4 inches long x 26 inches wde x 32 inches tall
  • Inside Dimensions: 32 inches long x 24 inches wide x 22 inches tall
  • Door Opening: 16 Iinches wide x 22.5 iches tall
  • Dry Weight: 51 pounds
  • Filled (with Water): 131 pounds

Part Number: HCP-K9

Size: 34.5"L x 26"W x 32"H
Weight: 131 lbs.
Ships From: ID


Online Price:

Any questions or comments please mail to:

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