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HOOF-it Acrylic Hoof Repair Kit Pro Pack

HOOF-it Acrylic Hoof Repair Kit Pro Pack

Hoof-it II Hoof Repair Pro 8 Pack

HOOF-it II contains powder and liquid materials which, when mixed together, can be used for repairing and protecting hoof quarter cracks, white line disease damage, and other types of hoof wall loss. Great for horse owners, trainers and farriers who want to treat or prevent hoof related lameness issues such as sole bruises and laminitis.

Kit Includes:
1 - 500 ml MMA Liquid
3 - 180 g Powder
8 - Mixing Cups / Mixing Sticks

A 8 pack will make 8 to 16 pads or do 8 major resections - Product yield varies with size of repair and size of hoof.

The powder and liquid materials can be mixed as need based on the size of the repair. The liquid has a shelf life of 2 years and the powder has no expiration when kept dry.

Part Number: HI-8pk

Weight: 3 lbs.
Ships From: CA

Online Price:

Any questions or comments please mail to:

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