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Smart Cart 12 Cubic Foot

Smart Cart 12 Cubic Foot

Wheel size 16" dia. x 4" tread width or 20" dia. x 2" tread width.
Maximum Load 600 lbs with 16" wheels, 400 lbs with 20" wheels
SMART CARTS weigh less than 40 pounds; half as much as other carts their size.

HEAVY-DUTY:SMART CARTS have a load capacity of 600 pounds, instead of three or four hundred. our solid steel axle is mounted inside a thick steel plate and attaches to the frame at 8 points. This is the strongest undercarriage in the cart business.

WELL-BALANCED:SMART CARTS enable the user to balance the center of gravity of the load directly over the wheels and axle where it belongs. Other carts merely "share" the load with the user; SMART CARTS do the heavy work for you!

WEATHER RESISTANT:SMART CARTS are made of the finest materials available and are designed for use in all weather conditions. The seamless polyethylene container has no bolt holes to cause cracks or tears, and is unaffected by water, strong sunlight, barn acids or fertilizer. Our tubular framework is made of drawn aluminum alloy, satin-etched and anodized. Lightweight and extremely strong, it will never rust or rot.

VERSATILE:SMART CARTShave a snap-off pan design that allows the polyethylene pan to double as a large tub (on or off the frame). Popular uses for the pan include washing the dog, holding ice or water, mixing concrete and the like. This feature is found only on SMART CARTS. The cart will also stand upright so that you can rake right into it, or use the front of the cart to lift heavy objects off the ground like rocks, root balls, and bags of feed or fertilizer. SMART CARTS have only a single framework that fits both the 7 and 12 cubic foot poly containers. Both tub sizes and wheel styles interchange onto the same framework; a size and wheel for every job!

LARGE CAPACITY:SMART CARTS have four sides instead of only three; no need to load low in the back and high in the front. This means that our 7 cu. ft. cart can be mounded to almost 12 cu. ft, yet at only 32" wide it still fits through standard doorways. The 12 cu. ft. cart mounds to an 18 cu. ft. capacity.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:SMART CARTS lifetime warranty covers all the parts of the framework and the polyethylene container against cracking, breaking or bending for as long as you own it. This is the best warranty in the industry.

Part Number: SC-12CUFT

Size: Capacity: 12 Cu. Ft., Height: 32", Length: 58", Width: 34"

Weight: 90 lbs.
Ships From: ME

Wheel Size:

Online Price:

Any questions or comments please mail to:

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